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L-citrulline is Better than L-Arginine for Activating Nitric Oxide, Best of All Nitric Oxide Reverses Aging

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Nitric Oxide improves blood circulation, brain power, energy, heart health, reverses aging, and sexual performance

More than likely you have heard about nitric oxide, the molecule that enhances energy levels, heart wellness, and sexual performance. Here is something you most likely have not heard: The prominent advice on how to enhance nitric oxide is not the best advice!

The most usual insight is to take l-arginine to increase nitric oxide. The reality is, it's difficult for your body to transform l-arginine into nitric oxide. If you're over 40, even more so. I 'd like to inform you about some brand-new information on nitric oxide that will astonish you.

Nitric oxide is a little gas molecule produced in our bodies. It influences the health of every cell, organ, and tissue. It is so essential that the researchers who uncovered exactly what it does for us gained the Nobel Prize. One of the newest discoveries it that it reinforces your bones from the inside out.


The brain-boosting impacts of nitric oxide have actually been shown in before-and-after MRIs of the brain

Nitric oxide does a whole lot for us. Hundreds of researches reveal that nitric oxide increases circulation ... supports a healthy heart ... and enhances our sex lives. It increases brain power. And it even enhances sexual wellness. It also supports good blood circulation and a healthy heart. Best of all, it reverses aging.

Healthy nitric oxide levels is nature’s secret weapon against “Senior Moments”. Nitric oxide does so much more than simply support your blood circulation system and enhance your sex life. Forget somebody's name right after you are introduced? Or even worse, run into an old pal and hem and haw as you attempt to remember their name? Ever wonder where you put your keys or other things? How about walking into a room and wonder why you are there.

But now there's is great news! Researches reveal that nitric oxide enhances memory, baffled thinking, and slow response in three ways:

it helps deposit memories as they are created

it helps retrieve memories in the future

it helps brain cells send transmit and receive signals more rapidly


One of the newest discoveries of Nitric Oxide is that it reinforces your bones from the inside out

Because nitric oxide gets a great deal of press about enhancing heart wellness, you might be shocked to hear it's also great for your bones. The Journal of the American Medical Association released a research that showed nitric oxide helps develop strong bones.

In the research, one team of ladies used a supplement to improve nitric oxide levels. An additional group of ladies took a placebo.At the end of the research, analysts compared prior to and after scans to gauge the modification in bone density. They discovered that ladies who improved their nitric oxide levels enhanced their bone density substantially.

In contrast, the ladies who took the placebo in fact lost bone density in their hips.That indicates the ladies who improved their nitric oxide level really reconstructed a few of the bone they had actually lost. It likewise suggests the ladies who did not take the nitric oxide supplement in fact raised their risk of having a crippling hip fracture.


Nitric oxide is crucial to your health, but when you need it most, it's just not there

Nitric oxide is essential to our wellness. That's why it's so crucial to preserve healthy nitric oxide levels as we age. As we get older, our bodies have even more problem making nitric oxide. Japanese analysts have actually discovered that by the time we reach our 70s or 80s, we create and use 75 % less nitric oxide than we did when we were in our 20s. When you require nitric oxide the most are the years when you're most likely to be lacking.

With the majority of deficiencies, you could merely take a supplement to bring your levels up. It's not that simple with nitric oxide.The majority of nitric oxide supplements make use of the amino acid l-arginine as the primary component. It turns out that l-arginine isn't really all it's been advertised to be.

All of the study and the press show that l-arginine would help your nitric oxide levels skyrocket but they just aren’t getting the results they hoped for. The older we get, the more difficult it is for our bodies to transform l-arginine into nitric oxide.

Besides that, l-arginine could trigger side effects in some individuals. Individuals taking l-arginine supplements have actually experienced sour tummy and digestive pain. Even with these restrictions, l-arginine isn't really the only challenge to improving nitric oxide with supplements.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists unexpectedly discovered a undetected flaw in Nitric Oxide supplements

MIT analysts found that the most crucial part of producing nitric oxide occurs prior to you even ingestint it!The majority of nitric oxide is produced in your mouth, not in your tummy or guts. It ends up that the saliva and beneficial bacteria in your mouth are needed to develop nitric oxide.

The longer nutrients remain in your mouth, the more nitric oxide you create. If your Nitric Oxide supplements do not have time to interface with the saliva and bacteria in your mouth, you will not produce very much Nitric Oxide. The Qivana Prime Nitric Oxide Activator contains ProBiora3® Nitric Oxide Probiotic Blend to add to the mouth’s probiotics.

Essentially all Nitric Oxide supplements come in powder, pill or tablet form that you swallow right away. That's why individuals taking those supplements have little hope of reversing their nitric oxide insufficiency. It bypasses the most crucial step in creating nitric oxide.


Qivana's Prime Nitric Oxide Activator is the new state-of-the-art for Nitric Oxide renovation

It’s a cutting edge supplement that is the first to make use of these new pathways. No other product has taken such a thorough approach. Can other Nitric Oxide supplements try to copy our method? Sure, just like you could go to a dining establishment and attempt to identify the ingredients and procedures in a favorite dish. How close do you think you would get by guessing?


PRIME is actually years ahead of the competitors

You need the exact same recipe to get the same effects. The exact ingredients and the precise quantity of each active ingredient, are crucial to transforming to Nitric Oxide. Prime is made with a quantified recipe (precise quantities and percentages), utilizing confirmed approaches, proven to create the most Nitric Oxide in these various pathways.

In addition to our botanical formula, there are various other vital elements that make it the leading Nitric Oxide supplement on the marketplace:.

Only PRIME uses Direct dissolve (r) innovation to provide the nutrients straight into the mouth, where the substances start to activate.

Only PRIME guarantees a healthy flora in your mouth by integrating oral probiotics. Healthy probiotics are critical for Nitric Oxide conversion.

Only PRIME includes the Nitric Oxide Instant Indicator to check your Nitric Oxide levels (unique to Qivana in the direct sales channel).


You can be certain that this item is backed by research that makes it unparalleled in the market, quantified to be more advanced than anything else. PRIME consists of an proprietary blend of ingredients created to make the most of Nitric Oxide production with natural physiological procedures.

The active ingredients consist of:

Beet root powder.

Quercetin (95 %)


Cultured celery juice remove

Pomegranate draw out (40 % ellagic acid)

Shisandra chinensis remove (9 % schisandrins)

Hawthorn berry remove

Pine bark draw out (50 %)

ProBiora3® Nitric Oxide Probiotic Blend with 600 million colony-forming units of S. oralis, S. uberis and S. rattus.


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Nitric Oxide production decreases as we age triggering arteries to narrow and stiffen. This leads to a host of issues like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and stroke.


Improve Nitric Oxide and Blood Flow in Your Brain

Qivana consists of Beet root powder in their formula due to the fact that Wake Forest University researchers not only proved beets enhanced nitric oxide, they actually saw the results in the brains of individuals who consume beet juice. Experts had individuals consume beet juice in the early morning. They contrasted the MRIs and samples to the ones they took when the exact same individuals didn't consume beet juice.

The blood samples showed that beet juice enhanced nitric oxide levels when they compared the outcomes. The MRIs revealed that, simply hours after consuming the beet juice, the brain was swamped with a stable flow of blood.

And exactly what was actually interesting was where the blood flow enhanced. It raised most in the locations that are connected with bad cognition as we age. Those locations received more oxygen and even more nutrients than they would with lesser nitric oxide levels.


More oxygen and nutrients benefit the brain cells and keep them active, healthy, and working appropriately. And healthier brain cells help you think more clear and react much faster, no matter what age you are.You might know that hawthorn is a tried and true natural solution for circulation and heart wellness. There is an amazing brand-new discovery about hawthorn: when it combines with beets it produces nitric oxide so Qivana includes Hawthorn berry extract in Prime.

Because Qivana's Prime Nitric Oxide Activator (Prime) consists of both beets and hawthorn, anybody who takes it will get a rise of nitric oxide. Even individuals over 40 whose bodies struggle to produce nitric oxide as they age.

Another big plus for Qivana’s Prime is that it uses l-citrulline instead of l-arginine. We lose the capacity to quickly transform l-arginine into nitric oxide as we get older. But that doesn’t happen with l-citrulline.  Older individuals transform l-citrulline into nitric oxide more quickly. And l-citrulline doesn’t cause diarrhea or digestive problems or nausea, problems like l-arginine.

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"The discovery of Nitric Oxide is one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine" ~ President of the American Heart Association

"Nitric Oxide is the body's way of protecting against cardiovascular disease" ~ UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

"Any risk factor for cardiovascular disease is associated with loss of Nitric Oxide." ~ Mayo Clinic Research

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PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator contains L-citrulline, which converts to L-arginine in the body. Researchers have suggested and reported that L-arginine made from L-citrulline is much more effective at raising NO levels than taking L-arginine directly.
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