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Do you love your job, do you have financial security?

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We're thrilled that you have made a terrific choice to take part in the due diligence concerning all elements of Qivana. Most of the life altering minutes in an individual's life start with looking for even more knowledge about a topic. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Do you remember the last time you actually felt alive? Loved, loved your Job? Felt financial security?


The opportunity is Qivana, work for yourself, work from home, work at home

If you are like many individuals you most likely settled for simple mediocrity-scraping by and asking yourself if there is even more to life.. We're here to inform you there is.

That opportunity is called Qivana, and it's not a passing trend. It's a tested formula with proven outcomes, and it is among the fastest expanding natural products companies worldwide.

Do not lose out on the chance to establish and expand an independent company. Become an independent business owner. Work for yourself, work from home, work at home.


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How do I generate income? The Secret for Success ...

So, exactly what's the key to becoming a Qivana success story?

There's no complex mathematical algorithm or unexplored fact. Taking control of your monetary future is as basic as registering two individuals on AutoShip-- a month-to-month convenience strategy that enables enrollees to have Qivana products automatically delivered to their home.


Duplication is the blueprint to Qivana success

That’s correct - simply enroll two individuals who are as interested as you at taking control of their health and financial resources, and you've accomplished the Silver rank in Qivana.

Then you are going to help each of those two individuals to identify and register two other individuals, and they'll accomplish their Silver rank. That essential action, duplicated again and again, is the blueprint to establishing an enormous organization and realizing true wealth.

Now you understand the secret. Shhh ... pass it on.


As a brand-new Qivana independent business owner (IBO)

Qivana success is established upon an easy duplication procedure-- where IBOs start developing their company by twos. This is how you start.

As a brand-new independent business owner (IBO), your first objective is to find two individuals who are ready to transform their health and financial resources.Then sign them up at the 225PV.

Now, you need to help those two individuals find their two individuals ... and so on. Continue this tested duplication procedure, and you'll rapidly discover yourself on the road to wealth building.


This duplication system might seam too good to be true but it's not

Do you understand that if you completed this duplication procedure just 10 times, over 10 levels, you 'd be making over $23,000 a month in group commissions alone? It's easy mathematics, with huge benefits.

Tip: When you make it your objective to sign individuals up on the 425PV Business Pack, you'll be making over $43,000 a month-- for doing the exact same quantity of work!

While the duplication strategy might appear too good to be true, it has already worked for countless Qivana entrepreneurs. Proven system, proven outcomes. Doesn’t that seem like the kind of company you wish to belong to?


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Home Based Business Tax Advantages

Are you aware that tax savings is one of the most irresistible reasons to start a home-based business? Many individuals who get a second job find themselves bringing home less money— because they’ve moved into a higher income tax bracket. It’s an particularly harsh reality for those attempting to pay off debt and enhance their financial picture. At the same time, those who make the smart choice to begin a home business might enjoy tax deductions that boost their take-home pay.

By establishing your Qivana company, you might appreciate tax breaks you've never been qualified for. Home business tax specialists estimate that a home-based business has the capacity to conserve owners between $5,000 and $10,000 in yearly taxes.

There are over 100 possible tax breaks, consisting of business trips, cell phones, company use of individual automobiles, home office deductions, meals and entertainment, and office supplies. Tax strategies and laws may differ by state, though, so always consult your tax consultant about home-based deduction policies.


The Franchise of the Future

In today’s elusive economic climate, many individuals are abdicating the corporate ladder to adopt the exhilarating benefits of entrepreneurship.

If you are ready to take charge your destiny, Qivana is the answer. You might be asking, “Shouldn’t I be investing in a established franchise?” Franchises come with an extensive range of undeniable benefits. First, they’re built on established facts, proven business formulas—and franchisees receive counseling, leadership, ongoing support, and training from franchisers.

Also, owners of franchises can discuss problems, learn from others and share successes as well as mistakes with other franchisees, rather than reinventing the wheel. Is there a downside? $$. It’s the money. In addition to colossal chain fees, franchise owners are burdened with the accompanying cost of required equipment, inventory and rental space or purchase. Then you have loans, debt and credit lines rope you in for a long period of time—even if your franchise fails. Contemplate the outrageous expenditures for these familiar franchises:

• McDonald's $1,500,000.

• 7-Eleven $700,000.

• Subway $250,000.

• Great Clips $200,000.

• H&R Block $85,000.


Can you afford to delve into anything like that?

The very best Franchise Isn't really a Franchis. Among the most amazing aspects of Qivana is that has a tried-and-true company formula that includes some of the same benefits as a franchise, however you only need a minimum cash outlay.

You can register as an Independent Company Owner (IBO) for under $100 ... not hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the most costly preliminary order you can put is simply $1,000, making Qivana a low-risk financial investment with phenomenal returns.

Most importantly, when you pick Qivana, your registration fee takes of every little thing: warehousing and item delivery, customer support, commission payments, product research and advancement, individualized IBO sites and marketing tools, worldwide business growth, regional events, training programs, conventions and reward journeys such as a Mediterranean cruise. At under $100, we think you'll concur-- it's an exceptional bargain.

Qivana's products line: Metaboliq, Qore and Prime

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